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USP Atlanta

Native American Prisoners Pen Pal Network

All USP Atlanta Native inmates have been moved to the NAPN site

Here you will find the pages of Native American inmates of the USP Atlanta federal prison who have the hopes of obtaining pen pals and communication with the outside world. Most, if not all, these men, are incarcerated very far from home, isolated, and away from their families and contact.

"USP Atlanta is one of the hardest-time of the institutions within the federal prison system. Most inmates are doing long sentences, usually far from their homes and families. There's a disproportionate number of Native American prisoners there for lots of reasons.  And because they are deliberately subjected to "bus therapy" (frequent and abrupt relocations to other prisons), they are denied the opportunity to build the kinships and communities that are integral to their cultural stability.  Of all the prisoners I've encountered, these are perhaps the most in need of contact with Native people outside the prison system." Janet Smith, Wotanging Ikche

Go to the "meet" page, where you will find photos (those who have them) and links to each inmate's individual page.   Read about the individual person and their interests. Those who have sent artwork have an "artwork" link on their page.   After reading the pages and viewing the photos and artwork, take the time to write to one or more.   Remember them at their birthdays and holidays with a card.   Some of these inmates have NO support or contact with their tribes or family. From the contact I have had with some of them, I know some have had very little or no contact with persons on the outside for years.

From my own correspondence with them I know how beneficial the contact will be to both the inmate and you.

Remember, when contacting an inmate, if you want to send something to them, make sure ahead of time what can and cannot be sent.   Items such as money, stamps, tobacco, sage, etc. cannot.   Some items have to be designated for group use rather than individual, so please be sure to check ahead of time.

Keep them in your prayers and let them know they are NOT forgotten.


Please read this disclaimer carefully.
By clicking on the medicine wheel below and entering the site, you indicate having read and agreeing to the disclaimer.
You acknowledge that you are minimum of 18 years of age.
NAPPPN is not responsible for contact and/or correspondence between inmates and non-inmates.
On both the inside and outside you will find those willing to take advantage of others.
We urge caution, good judgement, and good sense in your contact.
While we urge, and strive for, respectful contact between the inside and outside, we are not responsible for contact results.
We do not condone disrespectful behavior and do request that such behavior be reported to us.
We reserve the right to refuse to list or remove any who conduct themselves disrespectfully.
We recommend contact with NO more than two inmates at any given facility.

All USP Atlanta Native inmates have been moved to the NAPN site


Updated  04/18/03

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